Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'll Never Break Your Heart...just take it Step By Step

I know you've all been waiting in suspense to hear how the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert went.  I have only one word:

The seats were seriously unbelievable...I don't remember the last time I sat on the ground level for a concert!  I could actually see the boys' faces without looking at the JumboTron.

They got the Right Stuff

They put on an awesome awesome show, and I definitely screamed like a little girl.  Don't worry--no bra throwing.  My badass friend Juliette (has a black belt and works for the FBI...yeah, badass) and her newly married sister, Charlene (remember them from this post) and I all had an awesome girls' night and lived out our teenage fantasies. 

Although the boys are getting old, they can still shake it and make me swoon.  I was really a Jordan and then a Nick Carter girl but I guess my tastes have changed.  Since, clearly, I have a type...what do you think?

AJ (Backstreet Boys)

slap some sunglasses on him and they could be twins, right?!
Too many sexy men in one post, you say?  I apologize to all your husbands, readers. 

So spill it--who was your teeenage crush?!


  1. Soo jealous you went to the concert!! I was definitely more of a Brian girl...I didn't like the flashy "pretty boys" very much. I also loved Leo Dicaprio!! Totally a Leo fan ;)

  2. I was in love with Jordan. Sigh.

  3. Ok, you're going to laugh at my teen crush-- David Letterman! What can I say, I like a funny guy. ;)

  4. I am SO JEALOUS!! I was (am) a NKOTB fan since I was a little girl, they were my first concert and I still love them :) I'm following you back now too, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and joining my bloggy family :)

  5. JEALOUS! Used to love NKOTB....Donnie was my favorite, such a bad boy!

  6. JTT - remember him? What happened to him? haha.

  7. I was so in love with them...I can't believe they are back together and doing concerts!! Oh the good ole' days, you must of had a blast :)


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