Monday, April 25, 2011

Atlantic City/Realizing I'm old

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend!  Most years Sean and I color eggs and make a fancy dinner, but this year we've been running around and just dropped the ball with being festive.  Our weekend was, um, less than traditional.  We still made a great dinner (steak and bacon wrapped scallops---if that doesn't scream HAPPY EASTER I don't know what does), but that's about all the celebration that happened in our house.

Saturday I was in Atlantic City for a bachelorette party.  Charlene is my good friend Juliette's sister and she's getting married next weekend!  I was so happy to be included and although we had a super fun time...I came to a shocking realization.  I.  Can't.  Hang.  But more on that later.

Charlene started by opening some presents...mine was an assortment of things to take to bed.  I included a blanket, some candles, and um...some other unmentionables...wink wink!

The Bride to Be
Yumtastic giant "Strawberry Blonde" martini. 

Juliette, Me, Charlene, Kelsey
  So I was so busy eating that this is the only food pic I got from The Melting Pot but just take my word for it that it was amazing.  If you've never been, it's worth the money, and the fondue is super fun.  Perfect for a special occasion.
Cheese course
So after subduing to a food coma, we roused ourselves and headed out for the night.  The rundown looked something like this...

Latin Dancers at Cuba Libre---mental note: Learn to Salsa Dance!

Losing $32 on slots---mental note: Don't play slots, shop instead!

Dancing at a club where there are half naked girls in cages--mental note: I am old and should be nowhere near cages.

I felt so old and SO grateful to no longer be single.  Between the bros and the hos I pretty much decided right then that a crazy night for me should consist of wine and a crazy game of Apples to Apples.  So much groping, so much attitude, and so little tolerance for BS.  It's a shame that I've gotten so old and boring, but dealing with weirdos who look like they should be on Jersey Shore and having my ears ring from the club music just isn't my bag anymore.  Definitely a revelation, and I think I'm ok with it. 

I'm so glad that I was able to celebrate with Charlene before her big day, and I hope she had a good time.  Although something tells me it won't be long before she feels like an old married lady too!


  1. Looks like super fun times! Great photos of lovely girls! :)

    Simply Kate

  2. Oops, lost my first comment :/

    Don't worry...I'm old too. We can be old together, shaking our heads at the girls in cages!


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