Thursday, June 9, 2011

Food from Sean's Motherland

Recently, Sean and I were invited by some friends to try out Philly's Brauhaus Schmitz.  Since Sean's grandfather is from Germany, he grew up eating all kinds of yummy German foods and so we were totally game.  (An extensive beer list was also pretty inticing).

The outside and inner decor is charming, even if a little cheesy.  You really can't mistake it for anything besides a German beer hall but clearly that's working for them. 

We ordered a soft pretzel with THE most amazing horseradish mustard I've ever had--it will clear out your sinuses but you will be happy.

I had the Weiner Schnitzel with spaetzle and Sean had the Rouladen.  Both were YUMTASTIC!  Totally authentic (according to the hubs) and definitely passed my test of deliciosity.  So while it's a tad on the pricey side, I still say go for the food, stay for the beer!

The beer list was longer than the food menu, which made the hubs pretty happy.  I had a yummy brown ale, and Sean drank the boot.  This was only the baby boot...they had a bigger one.  Coming from someone who really isn't a beer drinker, I'd say you can bet on having a great pint at this place.

Das Boot
 We'll definitely be back. 

I've found that I'm partial to brown ales...since I'm new at this whole beer drinking thing I'd love to hear suggestions for your faves!


  1. Sounds yummy! I'm a pale ale kind of girl...I like the lighter stuff. If you're not a big beer drinker, you might like Strongbow Cider--it literally tastes like sparkling apple cider with a little kick, it's tasty :)

  2. Dave would TOTALLY love this place.

  3. I agree with Holly, cider is good for someone who just can't get accustomed to the flavor of beer. Or try some amber and pale beers. Off the top of my head, Rolling Rock is a great crisp, tasty, and available everywhere brand. Another fun route would be to get a case of Sam Adam's variety pack and have a tasting party with a few friends! I want a beer. :)

  4. Yes, like Leslie said: Amber Ales. So yummy :)


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