Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun facts

Since I have several new followers, I thought it would be good to share some fun facts and deep dark secrets.  So first I'll share...then you share!

I have an Etsy addiction.  It's getting bad.  I am becoming a handmade snob.


I LOVE cucumbers in my water.  It makes it look and taste super fancy. 

I refuse to follow a blog only to enter a giveaway.  I will only click that button if I actually intend on reading the blog.  So if I'm one of your followers that means I really really love you!

Although, I have never won a giveaway so maybe I should reevaluate my technique. 

Pecans are my favorite nut.  Everyone should have a favorite nut.

I worked at an ice cream shop all through high school.  So not only do I have a mean right forearm, but I also know that you should always put mint on the bottom of the cone so you can taste all the other flavors first.  The mint makes your taste buds wonky. 

I have about a bajillion blank cards for all types of occasions.  1.) Because I always forget to buy cards and this way I always have them on hand and 2.) because I feel that handwritten sentiments are way better than whatever Hallmark has to say about it!

So tell me what your fun facts are!

Wednesday and Thursday are some super sweet guest posters.  Make sure to show them some love!


  1. Possibly my favorite fun fact was the one about mint ice cream. Mint is my favorite! So now I know I need to eat the other flavors first :)

  2. haha I agree that everyone should have a favorite nut! A fun fact about me... I drink black tea like it's water. Terrible but very yummy fact. :)

  3. Hmmm, favorite nut...now you have me thinking. You might be right about pecans!

  4. Haha I love your deep dark secrets! So funny. I think I'm becoming a handmade snob too - I love everything Etsy!
    Star Hughes Living


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