Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest Post: Wine Slushies!

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I blog over at The Elephant's Trunk and I also have an Etsy shop of the same name. 

Today I'm here to tell you about my love for wine slushies! Recently I was in Arizona at a Craft Fair and some guy at a booth asked me if I'd like a sample of a wine slushie. Was he serious? Of course! I loved it! It was so refreshing and delicious. I then purchased the mixture so that I could make my own win slushies at home.

Frappe Vino is the name of the company that makes this genius drink! You can purchase Frappe Vino yourself via Amazon. (I'm not receiving compensation from Frappe Vino I just happen to love their product. If they are interested in compensating me for singing their praises that's fine with me though).

It is so simple to make this delicious concoction. All you need to do is buy a bottle of red wine and buy a cheaper bottle (you're not having a fine lobster dinner you are pairing it with, you're making a slushie here people). I used a Barefoot Merlot and this can be found at most super markets or liquor stores for a fair price. You dump your whole bottle of wine in a gallon size freezer bag, then fill your wine bottle up with water, add the water to the freezer bag and then mix in the Frappe Vino mixture. After all of this has been done give your gallon size bag a good shake (with the zipper sealed tight of course) and place the bag in the freezer for 24 hours.

After the 24 hours is up, remove your bag and scoop out the frozen slushie. Place in a glass and enjoy!

This is an amazing way to get your red wine fix in on a hot summer day. It would also be great to have a big pitcher of these slushies available at a party. What are you waiting for? Make your own slushie! 


  1. This is aaaaaaaawesoooome! I bet you could make a sangria slushie too.

    Makes me think of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (shout out to Philadelphia Melissa!) episode in which the characters discovered wine in a can. :)

    Best line-- "You're not having a fine lobster dinner you are pairing it with, you're making a slushie here people."



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