Monday, June 13, 2011

Georgia on my mind

I am leaving early tomorrow morning for The University of Georgia where I'll be participating in a professional institute.  I'm thrilled for the opportunity, and looking forward to meeting new friends and colleagues. 

The University is in Athens, GA and aside from driving through on Florida roadtrips, I've never actually visited the state so famous for its peaches and bulldogs

I've been told to expect lots of heat and humidity, with a heap of southern hospitality.

I've scheduled some posts, and have some great guest posts lined up so you won't need to cry at night from missing me.

Any of you been to Georgia?  I'd love to hear your travel tips. 

Have a lovely week!


  1. athens is a really cute college town (unless you're from the opposing team they're playing during football season :) just make sure to wear light clothes because it's a completely different kind of heat in sc (where i am) and ga!

  2. Savannah, GA is beautiful. Old, southern charm.

  3. Have FUN in Georgia! I'v never been. I hope u take photos of beautiful Georgia + post them.

  4. You're going to love the college town! It's really cute! A few of my friends just completed the BRAG (bike race across Georgia) race last week and loved it the whole state :) Have a great trip and watch out for the itty bitty gnats ;-)


  5. I didn't know that you were coming down to Georgia! That's my State! (And, interestingly, my husband was born in Philadelphia.) As I'm sure you've already discovered, the temperatures are scorching (though the humidity hasn't been too bad. Yet.) If you come through Atlanta, stop at The Varisty for some greasy burgers, onion rings, and an orange cream drink. :)


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