Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Wedding Story: Part 3

Today is our actual anniversary! Happy 2 years to the love of my life.  I got to marry a man with the patience of a saint, and who loves me more than I ever thought possible.  Who's a lucky girl, this girl, that's who.

The night before our wedding, I stayed in the hotel with my Maid of Honor and Sean suprised me with a whole bag of pampering treats from Lush.  I actually slept pretty well, and woke up to find that it was snowing.  SNOWING!  Luckily, it stopped pretty early and didn't infringe on the day's plans. 

I started the day by sneaking off to see Sean.  Yeah yeah, bad luck I know, but I just couldn't not see him all day.  At least I was in a sweatshirt with no makeup on and not in my dress.  I was so anxious in the morning and he has this ability to calm me down instantly and so for my sanity, I had to see him.  I knocked on his hotel room, and we just hugged and talked about how excited we were for the day.  It was one of my favorite moments of the day and I'm so glad I didn't listen to the superstition. 

The morning was lovely and relaxing: hair and makeup and getting dressed.  My parents were there the whole time with me in addition to my bridesmaids and it was great to share such special moments with the people I love the most.

Sean opening my gift to him

My MOH, Julie, is daughter #2
 Now, the day was not without a giant mishap but hey, what good wedding story doesn't have a plot twist?!

The one job I gave Sean in all of this (besides helping me DIY a TON of stuff...scroll down to see the list) was to book the limo.  I had taken care of everything else.  Unfortunately, that was the one thing that went horribly wrong.  Apparently, when the guys went down to head to the church it was there.  When I went down it was not.  So rather than flipping out, I just asked my makeup artist if she would mind dropping my parents and I off at the church.  My bridesmaids were already there, and my photographer took my Maid of Honor.  So, we just shoved my dress in the car and went.  Same story to get to the reception.  Hilarious yes, and I still get to bring that up when Sean and I argue.  GOLD!

Our wedding day was everything I ever could have wanted and more.  I got to marry the man of my dreams, and had all my closest friends and family with me including my father who held my hand as he gave me away.

 In three months we planned a wedding with unique details and personal touches.  In my eyes it was a perfect day.

And now, since pictures speak louder than words I will leave you with some of my favorite shots from the day as well as our day after shoot downtown.
Both of us trying not to cry...FAIL

DIY Programs

We couldn't be serious ALL day

Boring we are not.

Yes, the guys totally went down the slide


The whole crew

Traditional, no.  Delicious, yes.

Enjoying some cotton candy--best idea EVER!

DIY Menus

DIY cardobx & Poloroid Guest Book

We even took a dance class so Sean could spin and dip me
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Knowing our dance is next

Unforgetable sung by Natalie Cole and her father Nat King Cole

Did my mom look beautiful or what?

Think we had a fun party?

Soldier Field, baby!

Sweet Home, Chicago

Da' Bears

The Bean

More BAMF shots.
My mom made my veil--12 feet long.


    1. Your veil is to die for!
    2. Your tower oh cupcakes looks like a masterpiece!
    3. Your flowers are gorgeous - as are you!
    4. My fav shot is of you and the crew jumping up in the air!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous, it looks like you had a really amazing day.

  3. Sweet! Love the pic of ya;ll on the steps. And your cupcake tower looks so cute . . and yummy too!


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