Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Series

With the biggest Hallmark Holiday of them all coming up, I thought I'd do a little gift series in case you're in need of some inspiration.  Now, I think we should spread the love on Valentine's Day and not just celebrate with our spouse/partner/secret lover, but everyone we love!  So first up are gift ideas for the lady in your life...whatever category she may fall into.

These morse code necklaces by Rebecca Coagan Scharlatt are to die for.  Understated, elegant, and totally meaningful you can pick one of the designers words such as "Friend" or "Lover" or customize your own--I think "Mother" would be sweet too don't you?

Anything from Lush pretty much makes my list.  You really can't go wrong--yummy smelling bath and body stuff that is environmentally friendly and made from natural materials.  Some of my personal favorites are the Honey Trap lip balm-the only lip balm I use.  Makes my lips super soft!  And you can't go wrong with a massage bar-they have a TON to choose from but my favorite is the Therapy Bar.  The scent is light and warm and it doesn't make you feel greasy.  Plus--a massage is a great Valentine's Day gift in itself...hint hint.

Honey Trap Lip Balm

Therapy Massage bar

Since you can never go wrong with jewlery I have another necklace in this series. 
This owl pocketwatch necklace is so unique-perfect for the girl who has everything.  To be honest I could do without the crystals and embellishments but the pocketwatch is adorable and it actually works!  The necklace is by Etsy seller OwlandHourglass, and she has lots of other interesting things in her shop as well. 

And of course what would Valentine's Day be without a little chocolate?!  Local Philadelphia business owners Marcie Turney and Valerie Saffran have some beautifully delicious chocolates in their shop Verde.  My favorites are the Philadelphia collection but the Valentine's collection is pretty sweet too.

Hope this inspires your Valentine gift giving...stay tuned for the man version tomorrow!

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