Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New York Weekend Part 1

This past weekend, I went up to NYC for my good friend's bachelorette party.  I did my undergrad in New Jersey, just a short train ride outside the city so visiting is always very fun and nostalgic for me.  Although I spent a lot of time in Manhattan during those 4 years, I didn't stray much from the Time Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park loop.  So when I realized that our first stop for the party was down in the Grammercy Park area, I decided to take an early train and walk down from Penn Station.

The weather was gorgeous and I was able to stroll my way through the city.  Although, I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb since New Yorkers  A.) Don't take picture of random buildings/homes/shops   B.) They don't wear super cute yellow flowers in their hair :) black is still the new black over there, and   C.) They DEFINITELY.  DON'T.  STROLL. 

But anyway, here are some of the pics I took on my journey.  If I ever move to NYC (Sean will kill me) I would move to this area.  It actually felt like a neighborhood: cute, quaint, and only a little bit shady which for New York is a pretty big step up. 

I loved this corner building!

 These were taken inside Peoria Emporium...hot pink everywhere?? Yes Please!

A giant giraffe with a fur shrug...Why? Why Not!

Genius makeshift curtain

Super fluffy couch...it might clash with our decor though :(

Love the horse hitch decoration on this house

Gargoyles were crawling all over...creepy!

Later today I'll be sharing a fun project!  And tomorrow will be NYC Part 2!

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