Monday, February 28, 2011

Yummy Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?  I had a great one filled with surprises, good friends, and...legwarmers?!  But more on that later this week.  First, I thought I'd start this week by reliving some of the yumtastic food Sean and I have eaten recently.

Sean and I are pretty adventurous eaters, and love to try new things.  Ethiopian food is just about at the top of our absolutelyfavoritemealsever list, and so while it's not new to us, it might be new to some of you!

Ethiopian food features lots of meats and lentils that can get pretty spicy, all served on a large platter of thin, spongy injera bread.  There's no silverware to be found, and instead you tear pieces of the bread off  and scoop the food into your mouth that way.  Although I can be a germ-a-phobe at times, I push that aside for the sake of this meal.  It's messy, it's filling, and you better like whoever you're eating with because you are definitely getting their cooties. 

Our favorite Ethiopian restaurant is Abyssinia.  The food there is out of this world, and it is totally worth it to put up with the S-------L--------O--------W service.  And that's saying a lot considering my serious lack of patience when it comes to things like food.  It's also a hole in the wall for sure--but don't let the facade keep you out.  If you go on Friday night it is PACKED with people from the neighborhood, and college kids.  Here is a pic of what we ate the other night:


Now, admittedly it doesn't v look very appetizing but trust me--if you've never had Ethiopian you need to try it, like, yesterday.

Sean and also discovered what we believe is the best pizza in Philly, and it was totally on a whim!  We recently got droids (love!) and the apps are fantastic.  We decided to use the Urban Spoon app to figure out a place to eat.  Well, the stars aligned and we ended up at The Dock Street Brewery.   Since we moved to Philly we haven't been able to find great pizza and this has officially ended our search.  The fire oven pizza was about as close to perfect as a pizza can get.  I got the "La Cocca" which I guess means "Deliciously runny egg on top of a a perfect trifecta of sauce, cheese, and crust." 

Not only was the pizza great, but for an appetizer we had panko crusted fresh mozzarella (clearly we're a couple who loves our dairy...).  The cheese was crisp and perfectly fried and had that amazing salty/sweet taste only good quality fresh mozz can have.  I'm drooling over here.
So now that I've got you all salivating, get back to work will you??!! It's Monday for Pete's Sake!
But come back tomorrow when I'll talk about my trip to NYC for  my lovely friend's bachelorette party!

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