Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend, everyone!  My weekend started early since I took my comp day today.  I'm currently blogging in my pj's with the furball curled up in my lap.  I love lazy days!

This weekend Sean is heading to his parents home in New Hampshire.  He will be spending some time with his mom before her knee replacement surgery on Tuesday (ouch!) So, I am a single lady for a few days!  As exciting as it is to have freedom to take up the whole bed and watch bad reality tv...I definitely hate when the hubs isn't around.  We were long distance for a year before we got engaged and that pretty much sucked, so when we're apart now I still get all mopey and whiny.

But--I have some fun things going on to keep me distracted:

This afternoon I am heading into the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia to check out the brand new Jonathan Adler store...someday when I'm rich and famous he will come and decorate my house with all of the absurd animal sculptures in his collection....and it will be GLORIOUS!

Farm share pickup tomorrow! Hooray! 

A seed starting workshop at Greensgrow is in the plans as well. I think I might attempt to grow lettuce in a container on our little patio this spring--apparently this works--we'll see.

And I'm most excited to see my friend who recently found out she is PREGGO!!  I'm so excited for her and her husband, and she's already promised that I can squeeze the baby.  I'm also already planning on buying this for the peanut.  Um...prepare for cuteness overload:

This makes me even more excited to start my knitting class this Sunday!  Although, LylaKayt's hats are telling me I need to learn to crochet--anyone want to teach me??  I will trade for homemade meatballs and lovely conversation!

So I think that my weekend will be jam packed and lots of fun.  Recap to come next week!

Also---stay tuned because next week I will be hosting my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!  This one is as good as cash money!  If you haven't already become a follower you should get on that since it may or may not increase your chances....just sayin'.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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