Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Gifts for the Men

The guys really get the raw end of the deal on Valentine's Day, don't you think? We expect them to shower us with presents and flowers and chocolates and diamonds... no? just me? Anyway... this year show the special guy in your life that you appreciate him with a seriously awesome gift!  Here are some of my favorites:

Bacon + Chocolate = Heaven
Go to the Vosges website and order their Bacon Chocolate Bar---yes it's true chocolate and BACON in a candy bar.  Sean and I tried these when we were in Las Vegas last year and they show up at Whole Foods every once in a while.  You haven't lived until you've tried this chocolate bar, and the man in your life will think you are the most amazing person to walk the earth when he unwraps it.  That heart shaped box with the questionable candies in it ain't got nothin' on this bad boy.

Now, for the manliest soap around:

From Etsy Seller Simply Scents
 That's right...beer soap.  This Guinness version smells great and is actually made from the bubbly stuff.  Visit Etsy to find more options--if your man has a favorite brew this would be a great custom gift that won't cost you an arm and a leg.  And hey, now he has no excuse for being stinky after the gym.

For the guy who really is awesome:

Via rowboatpress
And finally, since Sean has found a love of straight razor shaving and so now has more face products than I do...
truefitt and hill

Bonus--this smells AMAZING!  Very manly

I'll be back tomorrow with gifts for the little ones, or maybe just the young at heart!

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  1. Dave wants to start straight razor shaving and I ADAMENTLY refuse him! I tell him he's going to make me a widow before he even makes me a bride! Those things scare the crap out of me. "Yes, Hello, I'd like run a long and extrememly sharp blade down my face and perhaps graze an artery." NO THANK YOU!


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