Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner or..How much I love my farm share!

When Sean is at class and I don't feel like cooking a full on meal for myself, breakfast for dinner is my go-to.  We had some bacon in the fridge and the rest of the ingredients (minus the bread) were from our farm share at Greensgrow.  I fried up the bacon first and NO I did not eat all of it--Sean has some for his breakfast in the morning or a snack when he comes in from class tonight.
are you drooling yet??
I poured the excess grease into our grease jar...did everyone's mom do this growing up or was it just mine? HI MOM!  I left enough in the pan, though, to fry up an egg.  I love me some drippy eggs let me tell you.  And I have finally mastered the egg flip that keeps the yolk intact.  The eggs from Greensgrow are amazing.  You really can taste the difference between fresh eggs and store bought.  I may never eat a store bought egg again.
thank you free range chickens!

I made two pieces of toast and buttered one up for dipping while I slathered the other with goat cheese that I still had from last week's farm share haul.  Goat cheese has that tang that tastes amazing with the buttery egg.mmmmmmmmmm.  I also used some arugula from our produce this week that added a peppery crunch to my open faced sandwich.  Since I'm a cheese-aholic I sprinkled parmesean and the Vampire Slayer cheese on top.  The Vampire Slayer is a garlicky, spicy, soft cheese that's very distinct and very delicious.  I used it in a grilled cheese the other day and it added just the right amount of kick.

Sophie Conran Butter dish and fancy glass make it a meal!

See...YUMTASTIC!  And afterwards I ate something that really has no business being in the same meal with all these fresh, organic, farm-grown goodies: a TOASTER STRUDEL!  (The amazing competition to Pop-Tarts that, much like Hot Pockets can only be served still frozen in the middle or boiling lava hot.  Thanks Jim Gaffigan). Now those things are seriously amazing and I ate them for breakfast the entire time I was in middle school.  Not sure what my mom was thinking---FROSTING for breakfast???  Although I thank her for introducing me to the wonder that is a Toaster Strudel I'm pretty sure it didn't help me keep my girlish figure during my awkward years.

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  1. 1. That looks fab and I know what we're doing for dinner tomorrow! YUM.

    2. I have mad love for Jim G. I was just telling my mom at lunch that I've heard all his stuff a million times and I STILL LAUGH! He is hilarious.


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