Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little people need love too!

Maybe it's because I'm really a big kid, but I feel like stuff for kids just keeps getting cooler.  Seriously, if they made light up shoes in my size I would so be wearing them right now!  As more of my friends, family, and co-workers start having kids I'm loving the excuse to buy fun toys and outfits for those chubby little bundles of joy. 

So for the Broad Street Baby in your life:
It just makes you want to squeeze a baby and then shove a cheesesteak in its mouth doesn't it???

Now, personally I feel like this would be a great gift for just about anyone but it might be embarrassing to explain to your boss why she is still signing your pay checks if you bring this to the office:

That's a whoooole lotta gummy
If half a pound of gummy bear doesn't tickle your fancy, will also sell you a 4lb. one.  If your kid wasn't diabetic before this is a sure fire way to make sure they are by March.

If you really loved your kid crochet him this:
I want to shmush him!
Anyone who is crafty needs to make this for a kid ASAP.  Etsy Seller Mamachee only provides the pattern but seriously how friggen cute is that hat?!  Your small child would definitely feel the love.

Finally, kids art that is chic and fun!
via Rockstar Diaries
Love love love all the prints from Sugarfresh.  So...I may or may not want these for my apartment...maybe Louie will learn his ABC's!
Now go out and get some cool stuff for the people you love!

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  1. thanks for the feature! i swear i'm always saying, "if only they made that in my size..." so funny!


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