{11 in 11}

I will update my progress on my 11 goals in 2011!  See the original post HERE

  1. Get scuba certified
  2. Actually go scuba diving-hopefully with my fabulous cousins down in Florida
  3. Train Louie for his Canine Good Citizen award (Intermediate Training, Advanced Training, Award!)
  4. Get involved with a regular community service activity
  5. Meet with a financial advisor and figure out how to save for a house and invest our money
  6. Read at least 10 books for fun (Eat,Pray,Love; Blink, Inside of a Dog, The Four Agreements, The Help)
  7. Start recording stories of mine and Sean's family with my new digital recorder. 
  8. Exercise regularly (signed up for the gym on March 23rd!)
  9. Learn to knit (First class on March 5th!)
  10. Actually order our wedding album--2 years later.
  11. Explore professional consulting and coaching as career options
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