Thursday, July 7, 2011

Belated Recap

Although the holiday weekend seems like ages ago, We had such an amazing time I just have to share! 
This was my first 4th of July that wasn't spent home in Chicago, and although I missed it terribly, there was something so powerful about being in Philadelphia for this holiday.  This is where it all started! 

And we did go to the all-you-can-eat ice cream fest...which was so yummy!
We also spent some time in Chinatown, at a Philly Pops concert, and of course at the parade and fireworks!
We spent time with good friends and ate lots of good food, so it was clearly a fabulous weekend.

Festive pedicure & picnic while waiting for the Philly Pops in front of Independence Hall

A red white and blue breakfast made by the hubs

Celebrating in Chinatown with my friend Grace and her +1

Not quite sure how they got this giant truck through the city for the parade

A bit of history

A rootbeer float from Capo Giro

Fireworks as seen from University City


  1. that was quite the jam packed weekend! how was the ice cream festival? we are going to one in nj next weekend.

  2. My husband was born in Philadelphia (though he's been in Georgia since he was three.) I love seeing your pics of the City!

  3. Yum on the red white & blue breakfast!!

    And yay for rootbeer floats!! Delicious!!


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