Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday: Dog Days of Summer

So being in Georgia last week was amazing!  I had a fantastic time and learned so much.  However, I desperately missed my little furball!  So in honor of the Lou-man, this week's Tickle me Tuesday post is devoted to him!

The poop bag holder is essential.  It never leaves the end of his leash because there is NOTHING I hate more than dog owners who don't clean up. Seriously folks, get it together!

The necklace is more for me, but isn't it to die for??  My birthday is in a few months people...make it happen.
dog stuff

If I get neck bling, I guess Louie should too.  Snazzy!

And of course some stylish toys make them less obtrusive when they inevitably become part of the decor.
What are your favorite pooch accessories?



  1. Let me tell you how spoiled my beagle is-- I own nothing by Coach; his collar is Coach. (Note: Was on clearance at the Coach outlet and has held up nicely for a couple of years!)

  2. Super cute dog things! The necklace is adorable!

  3. That pooper scooper is adorable!! And my dog really needs a fun new collar ;)


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