Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So as I sit here in my Ayesha Face Mask from Lush (love!), hoping no one can see in my windows for fear of embarrassment, I am reflecting on my week at the University of Georgia.  I was chosen to participate in an institute for professionals in the field of University Housing.  We learned about what it takes to be a Chief Housing Officer.  The majority of the institute involved planning my future and mapping out my professional development to achieve my goals.  This has left me very reflective and introspective, and so I thought I would share what's been rattling around in my head lately. 

I started The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz upon returning and am currently almost halfway through.  (This is also helping me with my 11 in '11).  Here are some things to ponder from the book:

"We are so afraid that somebody else will notice that we are not what we pretend to be.  We judge others according to our image of perfection as well, and naturally they fall short of our expectations." (p. 18)

"Every human mind is fertile, but only for those kinds of seeds it is prepared for.  What is important is to see which kind of seeds our mind is fertile for, and to prepare it to receive the seeds of love." (p. 28)

"Gossiping has become the main form of communication in human society." (p. 38)

These nuggets of wisdom made me reflect on myself and my actions.  Namely: how authentic am I, and how harshly do I judge others?  Truth: pretty harshly.  In reality all this does is cause stress and conflict.  I should focus on myself and doing good and let others worry about themselves.  This leads into the second two quotes.  If I let my mind be fertile for animosity or negativity I will absorb those traits.  By gossipping I am spreading those seeds to others and causing pain.  Does the fleeting joy of a juicy tidbit really warrant the possible negative consequences.  I'm going to go with no. 

So part of my professional development plan, is also to be personally better.  A better friend, a better colleague, and a better citizen overall. 

What have you reflected on recently?


  1. Beautiful post! I have also been feeling very reflective lately. Trying to find a balance between being future-oriented and relishing the "now".

    Thanks for this, Melissa :)

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