Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So I've been looking around forever for some prints for our kitchen.  I live in a dorm and although my apartment is pretty fly (like how I brought that terminology back?) there are a few things that aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing.  For example, the giant fusebox in the middle of my kitchen wall. 

And so I wanted to get some prints that would be fun, modern, and cover up that damn ugly box.  Plus any project that feeds my Etsy addiction is worthwhile, no?

And by George I think I've found them!

The first one will be in my shopping cart as soon as my paycheck hits the bank!  Sean and I love shopping our local Farmer's Markets (new Farm Share starts in June!!) and so this would be perfect for us!  I love the colors, the letterpress, the fact that it's repurposed....swooning over this badboy.


Kim from Albie Designs has the most gorgeous city series of prints (among other amazingness in her shop).  She has a bunch of cities, including Chicago--my hometown!--but no Philly yet.  However, Kim has assured me that it's next on her list of creations, so I will be waiting hopelessly on my Etsy homepage until it's ready. 


After this, the kitchen/living room area will be fully decorated!  You know, only about a year since we moved in.  No biggy. 

Do you have any favorite etsy items you're pining for lately?


  1. Love the framers market poster...very cool! And yes...covering up a fuse panel is a must!! Don't you just love how they put them right in plain sight.

  2. My favorite Etsy shop:

    Though I may be biased since its my husband's!

  3. I love that Chicago print! We actually have no Chicago related art on our walls. I keep wanting to buy a neighborhood map, but never following through.

    Also, I gave you an award on my blog today!


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