Monday, May 23, 2011

Secret Single Girl Behavior

Did you ever see that Sex and the City episode where they talk about their "Secret Single Girl Behavior".  The stuff that you only do when your man isn't around...the stuff that once you start living with a dude, or God forbid get married, goes out the window along with any sense of portion control you once had.

Well Sean spent the night at one of his friend's on Friday night so they could get up at the crack of dawn to play golf.  So I got to be a single gal for the night which really got me thinking about all the things I used to do pre-Sean living with me...

In college my roommate and I would have "Bathrobe Time".  We'd each take a long shower, and then hang around in our cushy bathrobes the rest of the day.  This was usually accompanied by making some chilli cheese dip and wine for dinner and watching trashy tv.  Those days were GLORIOUS!!  Sean appreciates neither trashy tv nor my chilli cheese dip, although he'd probably go for the bathrobe thing.  Mostly because the odds of me shifting on the couch and accidentally flashing him would be pretty good.

Once I lived on my own I used to actually work out regularly (yeah yeah...I'm working on it, I swear!).  And a lot of the time I'd do a workout video in the living room.  Have you ever done an at home workout?  I LOVE them but you look INSANE and I'm not up for that kind of living in a tiny apartment doesn't leave much room for anything but marching in place.  Thank you Leslie Sansom.

I also used to eat better.  To curb my ice cream cravings I'd keep some low fat Cool Whip (pronounced HWIP a la Stewie from the Family Guy) in the freezer and eat it right out of the container.  I'd add fruit/nuts/chocolate was delicious.  I could still probably do that but now the hubs makes homemade ice cream...and the whip just doesn't cut it.

And of course there's the trashy tv.  Usually in the form of wedding or baby shows.  On Friday night I cleared the tivo of all the baby shows I had recorded.  I laughed, I was epic.

So what are your Secret Single Girl Behaviors? 


  1. Oh, the trashy goodness. There are times, late in the night, after hubby and all the kids are asleep, that I sneak into the den and watch all the stuff they would NEVER tolerate. Jersey Shore anyone?!?!? Hah!

  2. My husband and I have lived together since we were 19, so I nver really formed any single girls habits, but I do have a few go-to's when he's working late or on a business trip. Mostly, like you, I watch all my DVR stored girl shows (Oprah, Gossip Girl, etc.) My other one is that I usually eat cereal for dinner, but that is mostly because I don't get any pleasure out of cooking for one (and by myself!)

  3. I can't even remember. Probably watching episodes of SATC in my underwear during the summer (too hot for clothes) and eating popsicles.

    Husband would love this (the SATC, not so much), but I have to say it's not quite as comfortable when someone els is around - even when that person has seen you naked about a billion times.

  4. I have solo dance parties. Example: Last night Dave was teaching, so I had a little video on demand dance party with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Rihanna. (nothing I'd do in public...but seriously, the BEST thing to do when you have the place all to yourself)


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