Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Ramblings

It looks like we will finally have some sunshine after rain, fog, and thunderstorms all week.

I'm not complaining seems as though the rain has knocked a lot of the pollen out which makes my sinuses super happy.

This weekend I have a big event with my staff, and then it's off to the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival.  Lot's of yummy food and of course, great people watching!

Although I've been fighting my cookie craving, Lauren over at The Elephant's Trunk posted a recipe so amazing sounding I absolutely need to try it.  So I will be doing that this weekend as well. (Hopefully the gym too....maybe...Bueller?)

I have a GIVEAWAY coming up!  Wooo!  I'm pretty psyched.  I'll give you a has to do with this post.

I got the exciting news that one of my friend is expecting a baby BOY!  Which makes me think of all the fun boy things there are...I love a baby in a tie!



Here's hoping for good weather and fun times this weekend!  What are all of you up to?


  1. nice ramblings :-) happy weekend!

  2. I am SO sick of this weather too. Since you get it usually the day after we do, let me tell you that today was GORGEOUS. Tomorrow is supposed to be even better so we can finally (FINALLY!) get some more yard work finished up.

    Hope it's a great one!


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