Monday, May 2, 2011

A Historic Day

Although I had another post scheduled for this morning, something told me that posting about the best cheesesteak in Philly wasn't necessarily appropriate in light of current events.  (Don't worry--it'll be here tomorrow so you can get your nom on.)

Watching the newscasts last night as well as reading facebook and twitter updates  I couldn't help but feel conflicted over what was happening.  The death of a man who helped organize the death of many Americans, coming after 10 years of searching, certainly should be cause for celebration, no?  And of course on my campus...(I live on a college campus remember?)...there was chanting in the streets, fireworks, and I'm sure, no shortage of students skipping class today. 

For me, however, it just doesn't feel right to celebrate someone...anyone...being killed.  My good friend Aileen is here visiting for a couple of days and her sister, Maggie, put up a facebook status that genuinely sums up my feelings for the situation.

"Celebrate Justice, Not Death. 
God Bless America."

How do you feel...were you among those screaming our National Anthem when Obama announced the news?  As someone who is not overtly politically minded, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Comment away...


  1. I think your friend put it wonderfully. I think we should celebrate justice. I really like your blog. Glad I found iT!!

  2. I totally agree. The celebrating in the streets freaks me out and reminds me of mob mentality. I also noticed a lot of the people doing the celebrating are very young. My college age sister barely remembers 9/11 and what it meant.

  3. Alleluia Alleluia!!! I am just relieved... yet the memories of 9/11 are such tragic ones. God Bless America!
    AMEN! :-)
    It's good to be back... was away for a while with my family mourning the loss of my grandpa. Can't wait to hear about the cheesesteak! I am hungry!

  4. I think that Americans should be role models for the world. The footage of celebrations made me think, 'We're better than this...'

  5. I am not American, but I definitely felt a little unsettled with all of the death celebrations. I like the quote celebrate justice, not death. Thanks for following my blog btw, I am thrilled to have you as a reader!


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