Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Cheesesteak in Philly

Like Chicago is known for its Deep Dish, New York for its Reubens, Philadelphia is home to the Cheesteak.  Whether you order it "wit whiz" or "witout" (and yes, folks...that means Cheez Whiz straight from the can) having a Cheesesteak is a must while in the city of Brotherly Love. And so after searching high and low...

I have found it.  The one.  Do not be fooled by tourist traps such as Pat's or Geno's.  Yes, I know that the flashy lights beckoning from South Philly might be appealing, but seriously, don't even bother with those sad excuses for a sandwich.

John's Roast Pork is a hole in the wall that is open until 3pm...or until they run out of rolls...and only during the week.  The wait is long, and the folks at the grill will yell if you don't order correctly, but it's TOTALLY worth it!

On Friday, we made the trek and got a cheesesteak and a roast pork sandwich and then split.  All I can say is YUMTASTIC!  The cheesesteak did not even need ketchup, people!  Cheesesteaks ALWAYS need ketchup.  The Roast Pork was super flavorful and with spinach on top I was basically in heaven.

This was, by far, the best sandwich experience in Philadelphia thus far.  So for all you Philly locals, and anyone who might be traveling to Philly in the near future, trust me on this, and head to John's.

What is your local food favorite?


  1. Oh, that looks deLICIOUS! Want one so bad right now.... :D

  2. New addition to the life "to-do" list: have a John's Roast Pork Cheesesteak!

  3. Places that cook 'til they run out of rolls are legit.

    Minneapolis is kind of a mutt as far as food is concerned. We have a pretty big immigrant Asian population in the city so Pho or Banh Mi would likely be competitors for our showcase food. It's just lovely stuff, really.


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