Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Yesterday and Today are both CRRRRRAZY busy days!  But tonight I do get to ride Segways with my students!  How fun is that?!  Best. Job. Ever.

Today I'm linking up with Sarah over at Yes, Teacher Crafts! for her Tickle Me Tuesday party!

This week I keep thinking about vacation...any kind of vacation.  Dreaming of flip flops, suntan lotion, and some killer Jackie O shades.  But instead I am here in Philadelphia where if it gets up to 60 degrees I'm busting out my open-toe shoes, and trying to guess whether puddles are actually potholes.  I guess the whole "April Showers" thing is really no joke this year.  But, rather than moping about it, I've been thinking about things that would make the dreariness not quite so...dreary.

These rainboots would make you look ever so stylish while keeping things bright and colorful.  Rain be damned!

Oh, Macy's...thank you for having swoonworthy items that don't force me to sell my kidneys on the black market.

And this is better than a garbage bag any day:


Hoping spring will be here to stay sometime soon!


  1. That umbrella would make me totally ok with a rainy day!

  2. I hope spring comes your way soon, too! And I LOVE those boots :)

  3. the boots are rather stellar.
    i love them.

  4. Love them all! Rain boots with heels...who knew?!


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