Monday, March 14, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show

Although I've lived in the Philly area for almost four years, this was the first year I made it to the flower show.  I love plants and flowers but I definitely have a black thumb.  I've killed air plants, people.  It's a serious problem.  But that doesn't stop me from trying...much to Sean's chagrin.

So when my friend Morgan asked if I wanted to meet her and her mom at the show I was all for it!  This year's theme was Springtime in Paris and it was really just lovely.  I was amazed by the detailed displays and variety of plants.  Since pictures speak louder than words, here are my shots from the show.  Sadly, my camera battery was dead upon arrival at the flower show, so these are my cell shots.

Orchids are my fave

I love tulips! And these were babies--no bigger than my hand

If this doesn't scream spring I don't know what does

Beautiful tree wound with lights

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Recycled materials (in this case cans...get it?!) were used to project the image onto the screen.  I was amazed at the creativity.

A singing mouth purse made of plant material...I'd never be able to find matching shoes!

A wire sculpture of The Thinker by Rodin--right in front of the bathrooms

The Thinker in greens...Philly has an amazing Rodin Museum-perfect for the theme

One of many miniatures--the cardinal was no bigger than my pinkie nail!  Incredible attention to detail

It was a great outing, although after walking so much we were definitely hurting.  They aren't kidding with that "largest indoor flower show in the world" thing.  But it was definitely the perfect way to jump into spring.  Now if only the weather would cooperate!

Don't forget--only a few more days to enter the GIVEAWAY!

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