Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Wedding Story: Part 1

Hopefully by now you've read our Engagement Story, and so of course you're all waiting with baited breath for our Wedding Story!  With our second Anniversary on March 29th, I thought it only fitting to make the next few days a celebration of the day that made us husband and wife.

So Sean proposed in February of 2008, and of course I began wedding planning immediately.  That night I bought my first wedding magazine (or 5...).  We decided to get married in July of 2009 since we were both still in graduate school while I was working for a university and so summer would really be the only reasonable time of year without both of us taking off at a crucial time for work or school.  We also wanted to get married on a Sunday since we both liked the calm, relaxed feeling of a Sunday wedding, and um EVERYTHING wedding related is cheaper on a Sunday.  So that was settled, and July 12, 2009 was set!

I did a lot of research, became besties with, and loved everything about the thought of spending the rest of my life with Sean.  I wanted a church wedding and so we decided to get married at the beautiful cathedral in Camden.  Yes, I know Camden is not where most brides would want to be married but seriously--look at this badboy and tell me it's not gorgeous:

The reception would be held at a winery in South Jersey. We decided on a bakery, and even won a huge discount on a great DJ at a bridal show.  Everything was falling into place.  Our only argument was over the color scheme.  I dreamed of hot pink, lime green, and orange!  Sean insisted the pink was too girly--the man is color blind people.  Yes.  Seriously.  Wouldn't this have been dreamy?

I  purchsed my dress right away.  I had gone home for Easter shortly after getting engaged, and my mom and I went dress shopping.  Since she wouldn't be with me for much of the planning, I really wanted to do something fun and wedding-y while I was home.  I had NO intentions of finding a dress.  Of course, it was one that my mom picked out and it looked terrible on the hanger, but I had promised I would try on anything she wanted.  As she zipped me up she started to cry and said, "This is it, this is the dress!" Of course then I started to cry and yes, it was definitely the dress.  We went home with it that day and I never looked back.  This is the dress the day I bought it, standing in my friend's living room.  Don't worry--better pics to come!

As the months went on I poured over magazines and theknot and watched wedding shows religiously.  (Thank God Sean and I were still long-distance at that point or he would have lost his mind!)  He finally did move in with me in July of 2008, and we continued to plan. 

We gave the winery a deposit, but for some reason I wasn't ready to put any money towards anything else.   Despite the fact that the wedding was getting closer, something in my gut told me not to commit.  Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that this it totally uncharacteristic.  I ALWAYS have my i's dotted and t's crossed way before any deadline.  But I just couldn't bring myself to sign any other contracts.

It turns out that the universe was telling me to hold off, and for good reason.  In December of 2008, just SIX MONTHS before our wedding date, I still only had our reception hall officially booked with a deposit!  Thankfully, that was the best decision I ever made.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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