Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Confessions

I'm linking up with Katy again for Thursday Confessions!

When Sean and I have kids someday my dream is to have twins.  (Even though I'm pretty certain Sean's head would explode with the thought of not one, but two babies at the same time.  Seriously--EXPLODE!). My mom is actually a fraternal twin (the kind that runs in families) and so I'm hoping I have good odds.  This video has been all over in the past couple of days but I had to share.  When I saw it, my urge for twins increased times a MILLION!  Adorable.

Even though I grew up in Chicago I hate the cold.  Everyone always says that since I grew up in the "Windy City" I should be used to it.  I'm not, ok.  (PS the cold is NOT the reason for that name-it's because there are a lot of politician's blowing hot air.  And there's your winning Jeopardy answer.  You're Welcome)

Anyway, I hate the cold and so the fact that the weather here has been more January than March (almost April, damnit) is really grating on me.  GET IT TOGETHER MOTHER NATURE!

What are your confessions on this gloomy Thursday.  Share them below and brighten my day.  Extra points for witty responses!


  1. TWINS?!?!? You are crazy girl! :-) You will make a wonderful mama someday!
    I DESPISE the cold as well! If my feet get cold, the rest of my can be kissed goodbye! Gives me the shivers just thinking about it - I am waiting patiently (wink wink) for SUMMER!!!
    Hope you had a super Thursday friend -

  2. So, I have twin nephews. And let me say, it's adorable when they're in diapers. Not so cute when they're 11 and you KNOW they're talking about you. ;)


  3. So are we the same person? Because I grew up in Chicago and can't stand the cold AND I really want to have twins too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I added you to my reader :)


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