Monday, February 21, 2011

PorkFest 2011!


So when I was looking for something fun to do a while back I saw that The Institute (recently voted best bar in the middle of nowhere) was having an all you can eat/drink event featuring whole roasted pig and endless kegs of Yards.  They had an actual name for the event, but personally I like PorkFest  way better.  

I love a good hole in the wall!

Naturally Sean and I had to be there.  I invited some co-workers and so Saturday was spent drinking beer and eating our fill of pork, sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese.  I'm normally not much of a beer drinker but I have to say the Yards' Brawler was pretty satisfying.  I loved the mashed sweets too...they had a sweet/smokey flavor that was different and delish.  (YUMTASTIC!) The only disappointment was the lack of bread pudding as promised on the event flyer.  Oh well...maybe next year.

Heaps of pork & sides!

On the way home I was super excited that we happened to catch the Love Train...these are way better than chalky conversation hearts!


All in all, a fabulous weekend.  Hope you all had a relaxing one as well!  I'm jealous of everyone (including the hubs) that has Monday off.  Back to the grind for this kid!

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