Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Munchies

HAPPY MONDAY, Everyone!!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Late last week I was introduced to a snack that apparently the rest of the world knew about while I was left out of the loop.  One of the Resident Assistants on my staff brought the most yumtastic snack to our staff meeting.

Sliced Apples + Lemon Juice + Cinnamon = OMGIcan'tgetenough

Apparently the lemon juice keeps the apples from browning so it's a great snack to take with you to work/school/thecircus.  Since nothing is more disgusting than a brown mealy apple. 

So I've pretty much been eating them non-stop.  Healthy and amazing.  YUM! 

What's your go to snack?


  1. I go through apple phases sometimes! I also love slices of green apple with peanut butter. :)

  2. ha! I never thought of using lemon juice. I guess that makes sense because I think it works for avocados too. An apple is such a healthy snack!


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