Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Confessions

Once again I'm linking up with Katy over HERE for her Thursday Confessions.

1.) I am addicted to facebook.  I don't tend to update my own profile all that frequently but I do stalk the profiles of other people and love when juicy stuff pops up. 

2.) I have always wanted to get my nose pierced, but never did because I have such bad allergies.  I just know that I would blow my nose one day and have kleenex hanging off the stud and no one would tell me.  I am envious of girls who have those cute little nose studs...

Miley Cyrus-- crazy but cute
 3.) I'm having a giveaway tomorrow!  Ok, that's not really a confession, but still very exciting!  Check back tomorrow and enter to win!


  1. Cute blog, glad you linked up! What kind of giveaway are we talking?!?!? He he he. Come on over and meet me, nice to have met you (in a bloggy way)

  2. I'm too afraid of the piercing, but I love the look too!


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