Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Confession

So I got a text from my mom saying, "Peter Pan is coming to Chicago for eight weeks only, starting ON MY BIRTHDAY!" That's Peter Pan the musical, not the movie. Now, the reason that is significant..aside from my mom getting ready to turn the ripe old age of...HA just kidding, Mom, I won't tell...YET!

Seriously though, that's significant because as a kid I was obsessed with all things Peter Pan.  To this day Hook is still my favorite movie to watch when I'm sick.

I remember when the Mary Martin version would play on TV around Easter...anyone else? Does it still come on?

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 Anyhoo, I loved that show and I went to see it with my mom when I was a kid.  When we were walking to the car I was talking a mile a minute about how we could do our own Peter Pan play at home, and my mom could be Wendy and I'd be Peter and we'd just string ropes up to the ceiling fans in the Family Room that Dad would operate.  Brilliance.  Sheer Brilliance. 

Clearly my acting debut never came to fruition, but I still get all excited thinking about the show, and the story of Peter Pan.  The message of staying young at heart never gets old..(sorry for the pun).

Do you have anything from your childhood that still makes you feel like a kid today?  For me that will always be Peter Pan...what's yours?

PS--Mine and Sean's Anniversary is next week.  2 years already!  Tune in for our wedding story in 3 parts (it's a good one, I promise!)

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