Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day Recap

I will be using to choose the winner and posting it tonight!

So although I mostly identify as being Italian, I do have some Irish in me as evidenced by my freckles upon freckles that show up in the summer time.  Plus, any holiday where the whole deal is to wear kitschy green outfits and drink a bunch can't be all bad right?  So this year my St. Patrick's Day included my first EVER Shamrock Shake...apparently I just haven't lived until now.
And they do taste like Mylanta if you don't drink them right away...yum?
St. Patty's Day was also Resident Assistant Selection Day (which is one of the LOOOONNGEST and most tedious days of the year) and so in order to dull the pain a little and motivate my colleagues to keep plugging I made a Guinness Chocolate Cake using the recipe from THIS POST

I made some icing using Bailey's instead of milk (Start with about half a cup of powdered sugar and add the Bailey's/Milk/Cream SLOOOOWLY stirring constantly until the icing is runny enough to pour onto your cake, but sticky enough to stay on the cake).

Rave reviews from my co-workers so I vote a yumtastic success.  The gold sprinkles on top were a nice touch too if I do say so myself.  *Pats self on back*

We also went out for some Irish Car Bombs (the drink, don't worry).  And so it was a good night had by all.  Sean has been corning his own, seriously you can actually do that....yeah, I didn't know either.  And that turned out delicious!

But do you know what the best part of St. Patrick's Day is?  The fact that St. JOSEPH'S DAY is right around the corner, so wear some red and pass me a zeppole!  Yum!


  1. Dave home cured some corned beef for us too! With homemade coleslaw and cabbage mashed potatoes called "colcannon" SUPER YUM. Dave's done the corning once before, its awesome when we're eating it...but it takes up room in the fridge like crazy. ;-)

  2. MYLANTA!! That's totally the taste I've been trying to pinpoint for the third year in a row. My husband is going to high five me when I tell him.


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