Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Ever Post!

I'm Melissa and this is my blog.  I'm excited to share my adventures in Philadelphia, cooking catastrophes fabulousness, and whatever else I find amusing.  I figured I would get the introductions out of the way now and talk about the major players in my life.  Don't worry--we'll be on a first name basis in no time.

 Me of course!

Then there is my husband, Sean.  The love of my life, my best friend, yadda yadda yadda...but seriously he is one awesome guy.  

And of course- Louie.  Sean and I brought him home July of 2009 and instantly became crazy dog people.  We don't dress him up in weird outfits (unless it's for our own amusement) but we do treat him like a child.  It's sad I know, but at least I'm self-aware.

Thanks for joining me!

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